Missed me?! I, too, am working on my silver lining ending.

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It’s been a long time since I’ve written my blog.  My hiatus was due to the general hectic schedule of my life.  I was trying to accomplish a lot and decided to give myself a free pass to just be and do what was needed at that moment.  3rd grade homework was needed — not mine, but my son’s, whose homework was not lacking in abundance and complexity. Add that with sports in the winter months and the evenings were just flying by, leaving room for little else.

I’ve also been trying to workout more (I’ve even lost some weight — yay!) and working on my novel (I so want it to completed).  I talked myself out of it for a while, thinking that I was only fooling myself into thinking I was a novelist and had something worth writing.  But then I heard about friends of mine whose friends or relatives were writers.  Not just writers, but writers getting paid for it.  Regular folks that decided to just follow their dreams… and well, just do it…JUST WRITE.  Part of this was encouraging to me, thinking that if they could do it, then so could I.  Part of this was discouraging, thinking that if they could do it so easily, then what’s my problem, what’s my excuse?

I’ve realized that I am only HALF WAY through my novel, and half way, means that you still have half more to write.  It also means that you have half of it COMPLETED.  And at that point, should you really quit? I have so much vested at this point.  I remember reading in Stephen King’s book on writing (for those who remember the inception of this blog, that book had a pivotal role in my writing), he wrote how when writing his first published book “Carrie,”  he threw it in the trash, thinking all of his work was pitiful and worthy of the trash.  His wife, having discovered his writing, thought otherwise, pulled it out of the trash, and told him to finish.  Would we have even heard of Stephen King if his wife had not done this?

I’ve been there—tempted to just stop and toss all my work aside, but then I remember that story.  And so, to get back to my writing, I decide to read the works of others, the inner workings of writers that have been brave enough to unveil characters that mean a lot to them. I decide to start with a book, now made into a movie that I’ve been really wanting to see, “The Silver Linings Playbook.”  I’m sad because I have already finished the book, a matter of only two days.  This is a book written by my friend’s second cousin.   The book talks about “Baltimore and the bad place” so maybe this is true.  As I mention, I fly through the book, even though I love Baltimore and hate Eagles fans (a big part of this book) and decide to carry on with my writing.  The movie does deviate from the book, from what I see of the previews, but hey…I still love the book and still want to see the movie. So, with that — and a movie preview for your enjoyment pleasure — I decide that if they can do it, then so can I.


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